True Team Scoring

An illustration of teams with points above their heads showing how True Team Scoring works.

True Team® scoring goals:

The True Team® scoring designed specifically by the League makes competition exciting for the team and its student athletes while incorporating the League’s mission and beliefs. This is accomplished by measuring which team is the best overall, rather than which team has the most top finishers while allowing all team members to participate.

The League’s True Team® scoring method is:

  • Fair for everyone.
  • Focused on team awards.
  • Scalable to work with all team and conference sizes.
  • Measurable so athletes and coaches can monitor personal performance progress and goals.
  • Flexible to encourage teams to offer open participation and introduce beginner participants.
  • Open to all athletes on a team to contribute to the team score.

Want to learn more about the League’s True Team® Scoring?
Click HERE to download the full in-depth explanation of how it works!